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Hi Rashid,Thank you for your positive feedback! Hi Gotmerich,We’re thrilled to be your go-to solution for all things trading! We’re here to support your diverse needs and provide a comprehensive trading experience.

This is a versatile broker with many…

Our goal is to make every aspect of your trading experience as easy and efficient as possible, and it’s great to hear that we succeeded. Thank you for choosing Lime Fx 😃Lime Fx ⚡️Empowering traders. Their account types system was devised nearly, taking into account desires of different traders. Cent account is something that I was using to adjust to the platform. I can’t state it’s convenient to trade on it all the time, but it’s certainly the best substitution for the demo environment. A very big leverage size opens a lot of opportunities too, but act wise, guys.

Analytics for trading

Could you please contact us at so we can assist you further? Hi Krisna,We are so glad to see that you are satisfied with our Lime Fx platform! 😃😃 We hope Lime Fx keeps meeting your expectations! I think Lime Fx provides a sophisticated environment to trade a lot of things. Because it is not just about trading something but actually knowing what you are trading. I think there is a big and professional team behind the scenes that tries to educate the traders and help them level up.

I haven’t been able to withdraw money…

Much appreciated.😃 We hope you continue your trading with Lime FxLime Fx ⚡️Empowering traders. Hello Diego,We are so grateful that you took the time to write this excellent review! Much appreciated.😃 We hope you continue to choose Lime Fx for all your trading needs!

This is hardly a platform that I can…

Hi Fabien,We really appreciate you sharing your Lime Fx experience with us! 😍 🥰 We hope you continue trading with Lime Fx! Hey Danh,Thanks so much for your feedback, and we’re happy to hear that you’ve been enjoying our platform! 🤩 🥳We hope you continue to enjoy the benefits that Lime Fx provides! I didn’t think a lot when I was choosing a broker. I had known Lime Fx broker and that is why I decided to work with it.

Absolutely disgusting by this company

You will be more or less trading pips, and not hunting profits. Role model for other brokers, no cap. The company is evolving, helping traders to attain their goals via the chain of services it has implemented, also catering to the skills development of its wards.Hope you’ll like it. – welcome to the MetaTrader.3) Want to distract from this manual button-clicking and do a real business? – welcome to the TradeCopier.It caters to different demands and that’s a big plus.

  1. When making a deposit everything goes fine, the problem is when you make a withdrawal – completely impossible, even if you are positive in the account.
  2. Hi Enteng, Welcome to the Lime Fx community!
  3. I feel like spreads are a bit on the high side.
  4. We’re dedicated to providing our clients with a wide range of educational materials, and we’re thrilled to hear that you have found them helpful.
  5. Because it is not just about trading something but actually knowing what you are trading.

Labeled Verified, they’re about genuine experiences.Learn more about other kinds of reviews. Hi Taiwo,We are sorry for the inconvenience. Hi Andy,Thanks for taking the time to share with us your feedback! Hi Jasim,Thanks for taking the time to share with us your feedback! I have been trading with the Lime Fx for a pretty long period and it’s always nice to see it evolves.

It is really easy to start tradig here. The registration process is so easy and smooth. If you are not ready for the real markets, you can easily use the demo.But for me, I raeally liked the types of accounts offered by Lime Fx.

Tons of built-in instruments into desktop MT4 and possibility to download the app on phone and trade from limefx review wherever you want. Advise you to choose Privilege account. Spreads aren’t 1.1 pips, sometimes lower.

In my opinion, it is now quite difficult to find a broker with well-balanced trading conditions. Usually companies offer only accounts that suit a certain group of traders. And I need trading account that will be convenient for me as a trader with little trading experience. Hello Fernando,We’re delighted to hear that our YouTube videos piqued your interest in the trading field and led you to explore our broker! 😎 Our specialists work hard to provide insightful content, and we’re thrilled that you found it engaging. We’re here to support your journey and provide valuable resources for your trading experience.

Hi Kamal,We really appreciate you sharing your Lime Fx experience with us! 😍 🥰 We hope you continue to enjoy trading with Lime Fx! I finally came to conclusion that this broker has far more benefits than minuses. I d like to mention some of the most crucial, in my view1) There are different market classes.

Discovered Lime Fx accidentally, when I was searching for some profitable strategies for trading. Basically, I even had a broker back then, that is why I initially haven’t paid due attention to it. Only after I thought of changing the broker, this brand name loomed somewhere on the horizon. Checked it out, verified the reliability, opened demo account, rummaged a lot in the educational center (separate props for that) and started trading.

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